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The Road to Economic Recovery: What's Next for Care and Climate?
The American Rescue Plan, passed almost one year into this pandemic, rounded out trillions of dollars in federal emergency relief and marked a significant downpayment for economic recovery. Provisions like an expanded Child Tax Credit, extensions to unemployment insurance, funding for vaccine funds, and additional cash payments are important to sustain workers, families, and communities and keep the economy afloat. Yet, these are still only a down payment on true economic recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic and recession exacerbated long-standing inequities in the U.S. economy, especially for Black, brown, and Indigenous communities, but it did not create them. An economy that works for all of us will require more significant, long-term, structural investments to ensure our economy is more prosperous and equitable than simply returning to the economic conditions of January 2020. After the discussion you’ll know:

• Areas for more equitable infrastructure investment specifically for climate and caregiving economies
• The concerns of BIPOC communities identifying what gaps still exist in these areas
• How we build upon federal relief efforts to recover better than 2020 levels

Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman is our moderator and will lead the interview discussions. Rakeen Mabud, Managing Director of Policy and Research & Chief Economist, Groundwork Collaborative will talk about the Care Sector; and Trevor Higgins, Senior Director of Domestic Climate and Energy Policy, Center for American Progress, will talk about the Climate sector.
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