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Understanding What the Stock Market Is and Why We Need Better Measures of the Health of the Economy
The current economic crisis, catalyzed by COVID-19, is proving once and for all that we are the economy. Workers, consumers, families, and people are the economy, and how the economy is doing should ultimately be a measure of how people are doing.

A sure sign of the brokenness of our economic narratives, while unemployment numbers climbed to a historic 30 million claims in April, the stock market has been recovering at unprecedented levels. Half of American families don’t have a penny invested in the stock market, and that includes 401Ks and other retirement savings, yet there is still a persistent narrative that equates the S&P with the health of the economy at large.

Please join Isaiah Bailey (Navigator Research), Michael Linden (The Groundwork Collaborative), Porter McConnell (Take On Wall Street) and Ashley Mitchell (The Groundwork Collaborative) as they discuss what the stock market is, why it cannot capture the true health of the economy, and what we can do to build a more accurate narrative about how the economy, all of us, is doing.


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